Nice sharp edges to all your planting areas. Weed free space around all your shrubs, a clean and even layer of mulch which simply makes your whole property look better. But making your property more beautiful is just one of the reasons for mulching. It adds a pleasing finishing touch to your plantings. Mulch offers great benefits:

  • Conservation of  moisture in the root zone.
  • A more uniform soil temperature to reduce root damage.         
  • Mulch allows for better water flow into soil.
  • Reduction in weeds.

Mulching can be done all season long. and it's great to see all of those beds with nice clean and sharp edges. Having a rich dark layer of fresh mulch really shows off your plants! We will be happy to provide a mulching estimate. Give us a call today!                  Lasting Impressions, Deephaven, MN    contact Chris at 952-292-2337